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So I am on wedding 3 this year (would have been 4 but I got sick for the last one). This time though my boyfriend and I got to make cupcakes for the wedding. It was a sweet, small wedding. It was nice seeing Tiana and other of Charles’ family. Sadly enough I think I see more of them then my own family. I wonder why that is…. Anyways peoples loved the cupcakes. They thought they bought them somewhere. It made me happy because I was super stressed out about them for a week or two and it was like 3 hellish days making them!! Anyways, final pictures below and other cute pictures I took at the wedding. And yes, it was our idea to buy that wedding topper for them. I know… we are so awesome! 😉

The flower girl enjoying our cupcakes!

Little Chris looking cute!!

The bride stabbing the groom… isn’t that what happens when you get married! 🙂

Last weekend I attended a wedding of one of my best friends since 3rd grade. I took like a billion pictures which most are on my flickr but I will show the cream of the crop here.

I am in the home stretch of buying my house, if all goes well I should get my keys tomorrow. This has been the most stressful thing I have ever done in my life. I am still not done being stress. I just want every thing to go smooth. Beyond that, I still need to get two bridal shower gifts, get a dress for a wedding, dye my hair back to blond for weddings and buy shoes for both weddings. I am very stressed about this. I am in one of the weddings and I feel like I have been an awful brides mate. Thankfully I wont have my first house payment until May, so I can pay for all of this wedding stuff. Next stress, going back to school. Oh and I would like to add that having a new job during all of this is very stressful as well.

To relax, I have been finding myself looking at this picture many times a day. It comes from krisatomic


I would love to visit there and relax.

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