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Now that I am almost done with this semester and I back to work improving my Etsy store. I am currently working on a few new paintings and of course, shopping for new vintage stuff. Today I found some amazing things! I couldn’t believe my luck! I guess it was just one of those days. Now I have been taking pictures and measuring things and listing them. It is eating my time away but I love doing it! I have a few pictures of purses listed below that are now at my shoppe! (P.S. I love spelling shop – shoppe).



I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving at my house for the first time. It was nice. The food turned out great and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. Today, though, I will be enjoying Thanksgiving part 2 with some extended family. Right now, I am enjoying my photoshop creations. I am so happy that I can so the mirror image thing! Oh man, I foresee spending hours with this!




I had to stock up my shop this weekend and boy did I ever. I have list about 12 new items. 

Today I made my sister model clothes on her birthday but to be fair I did by her wine and dinner! I am totally loving the way the pictures came out. I love the quality and the color. Take a look at the shop!

I am selling these on ebay. If you know anybody who likes vintage dresses send them here!

Today I did some thrifting with Sabrina (couch carrot) and we looked around. Since I sold one of my dresses this week I decided I needed to start shopping for more vintage dresses again. Now I found a lot of dresses, but I need to get someone to model them. I am found lots of little things as well.

So we painted the kitchen blue with and one wall with chalk board paint. It turned out great. I was a little unsure about the blue but it looks great we we have stuff on the chalk board wall. I have also decorated our fire place. I think I need more empty picture frames to give it the look I want.

It is that time again to share some of my vintage finds plus today’s project with vintage stuff that I have found.

Here are my vintage finds..

So I sat down with my iced cup of caramel coffee…

and looked over my fav book ever.. budget living!

With my some vintage books I have found I am going to do the project below..

Holy crap I feel like I found some pretty awesome stuff and I always go on 50% off day. So I technically spend 40 dollars but it only cost 20. So so awesome. I wont post all of my finds on my blog but here is the link to my flickr so you can see all. Below is my fav find. I grab it and stared at it for awhile thinking… how can I use this. Then I figured what the hell, how can I not use this. Then my boyfriend saw it and I he went through the same thought process as I did, then I saw the warmth in his eyes and then started to fall in love with it as well.

Today  I got a request from someone who wanted to use my photos for some news story about retro kids cook books. I guess flickr comes in handy, but I would rather get some request like that for my art. Oh well…. hopefully it is a sign of my funk disappearing. Here is a few photos of they requested.

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