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So I painted this picture below and really enjoyed it and then I add the rainbow. Now I am kinda sad about it.

Now that I have my horrible week or month behind me , I have been pumping out art and I am very happy with what I have done. The two below will be up at the bikini sometime this month.

It has been found, well sort of. It was sold!!!!!! Hooray, somebody loves my stuff enough to buy it! It is such a unique feeling, to know somebody owns one of my paintings!

first date, originally uploaded by notascenester.

So I went to the Bikini tonight to pick up my 3 paintings,. but to see one is gone. It is the one you see with this blog in fact, but with any good new always comes the bad. The bartender knew nothing about it, so I told her what it looked like and she came back with a few pieces and none were mine. We think my money was given to the artist who has his stuff everywhere. I hope they call me telling me my art was sold and the artist who took my money is ready to pay me back in full.

All in all, I hope I just sold something, that is a first for me.

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