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I am taking my time to decide which wallpaper I want to use in the living room. It will be only one wall and I want it to be perfect. I am not sure if I want black and white wallpaper or colorful wallpaper. Do I want bright colors or washed out colors? What kind of pattern do I want? Agh so many things to think of. Below are a few I was looking at.

So we painted the kitchen blue with and one wall with chalk board paint. It turned out great. I was a little unsure about the blue but it looks great we we have stuff on the chalk board wall. I have also decorated our fire place. I think I need more empty picture frames to give it the look I want.

So since I am in the middle of my super major project of painting the kitchen, I seem to be day dreaming on what I want to do with the living room. We have an awesome fireplace that will probably be used once a year but I love it anyways. So I was looking Domino Mag’s website and they had a thing on fireplaces. Below are my picks of perfect fire places.

My FirePlace

Domino Mag Fireplaces

I finally have the internet in my new house. It was one rough week. Right now on the internet, I am spending time researching some new music. My music collection has gone stale with nothing new for a month. So far I am enjoying beach house, blitzen trapper (no I wasn’t late on discovering them I just now have the time to get the CD) and many other that I am to lazy to list and link. Now I will leave you all with random pictures over many weeks.




I am in the home stretch of buying my house, if all goes well I should get my keys tomorrow. This has been the most stressful thing I have ever done in my life. I am still not done being stress. I just want every thing to go smooth. Beyond that, I still need to get two bridal shower gifts, get a dress for a wedding, dye my hair back to blond for weddings and buy shoes for both weddings. I am very stressed about this. I am in one of the weddings and I feel like I have been an awful brides mate. Thankfully I wont have my first house payment until May, so I can pay for all of this wedding stuff. Next stress, going back to school. Oh and I would like to add that having a new job during all of this is very stressful as well.

To relax, I have been finding myself looking at this picture many times a day. It comes from krisatomic


I would love to visit there and relax.

We found out our house is worth more then what we are buying it for! I am so happy I could hardly sleep last night! Now I just want the days to fly by so we can finally move in! In the mean time, I am pouring over Living Etc. Some of the rooms below are my favs!




This one is an idea for a party, and what a fancy party it would be if it looked like that!

Once we move into the house and get settled in, I want to wallpaper the bathroom. I think I have to sand down the walls and then apply the wall paper. I am not sure how it works but all I know is I want to do it. Below is some of the wall paper I am looking at. They are done by cole and son.




 They accepted our counter offer! On March 19, we sign closing papers and then we can move in! I cannot wait. Right now I am in the process of cleaning up my apartment and throwing away things. I need to down size what I own.

 Now all I can think about is how I want to design the house. It is yellow on the outside and through out the house. I think I want a blue kitchen. The counter tops are dark and blue would work well with them. I kinda want to do the plate thing below.


We have put an offer down on this house! It was too good of an offer to pass up, otherwise somebody else would steal it from us. We will find out today by 3 if they accept the offer. Feels like dating again!


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