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I wish it did but in less then 1 week I sold another art piece. Now my art etsy shop looks empty. I am filling it back up with some oldies but goodies pieces. Currently I am working a few ideas at once. I wish I could make a living at this because there is SO MUCH I need to do and so little time to do it. I feel like if I had more time to complete my ideas as they come and move on to the next one, that I could make somewhat of a living off my art. Maybe I can get to the point where I can work part time! Below is a pic of my recent sell.

I have been working on these little guys for awhile now. I think I am going to sell them as a pair and a pack of 4. Hopefully people will want to buy them. I think they are super cute and I am going to make a collection of them for my bathroom.

Yay I sold another painting. It has been close to a long lonely year of not selling any art work. It make me beyond happy!! Below is what I sold.


By working on many projects. All I did was sew and paint today and below is what I made! I think I am going to hang them up at the Bikini.


I am totally digging Bride and Wolf. Cute little wooden art ready to hang any where.

So I painted this picture below and really enjoyed it and then I add the rainbow. Now I am kinda sad about it.

I just finished two paintings, I really enjoyed the way the background turned out. I think that background may sure up in some more paintings. I am going to drop these off tonight so they can be up at the Bikini in time for Art Walk this Friday.

Now that I have my horrible week or month behind me , I have been pumping out art and I am very happy with what I have done. The two below will be up at the bikini sometime this month.

I really enjoy Matthew Feyld’s work. Here is a link to his flickr.

So I am trying to make as many paintings as I can, so I can hopefully send a few good ones to Oregon. It has been kinda hard lately. I just finished one tonight and I was rather pleased with the results. It was more earthy and plain, very different from my other stuff. I think I may put it up at the Bikini for a bit.


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