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Now that I own a house I actually want to decorate the house with super cute christmas stuff! I want to buy some etsy ornaments. I think I may get a few for gifts!! Below are a few of my favs.



Today we seeded the law and planted some flowers. It was so much work to seed it but I am happy it is done and hopefully we will have a cute winter lawn.

I am taking my time to decide which wallpaper I want to use in the living room. It will be only one wall and I want it to be perfect. I am not sure if I want black and white wallpaper or colorful wallpaper. Do I want bright colors or washed out colors? What kind of pattern do I want? Agh so many things to think of. Below are a few I was looking at.

So we painted the kitchen blue with and one wall with chalk board paint. It turned out great. I was a little unsure about the blue but it looks great we we have stuff on the chalk board wall. I have also decorated our fire place. I think I need more empty picture frames to give it the look I want.

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