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I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving at my house for the first time. It was nice. The food turned out great and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. Today, though, I will be enjoying Thanksgiving part 2 with some extended family. Right now, I am enjoying my photoshop creations. I am so happy that I can so the mirror image thing! Oh man, I foresee spending hours with this!




Now that I own a house I actually want to decorate the house with super cute christmas stuff! I want to buy some etsy ornaments. I think I may get a few for gifts!! Below are a few of my favs.



I got my glasses and I have been busy rocking them round town and my work. Overall people seem to enjoy them and I love them! I got some pics below with and without my new glasses.




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I like to travel (this includes day road trips), taking photos with my Canon S5IS, painting, and watching Freaks and Geeks. I also spend time with my lil doggie.