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I am beyond happy to report that I have purchased some new glasses. I should get them in a week.

I wish it did but in less then 1 week I sold another art piece. Now my art etsy shop looks empty. I am filling it back up with some oldies but goodies pieces. Currently I am working a few ideas at once. I wish I could make a living at this because there is SO MUCH I need to do and so little time to do it. I feel like if I had more time to complete my ideas as they come and move on to the next one, that I could make somewhat of a living off my art. Maybe I can get to the point where I can work part time! Below is a pic of my recent sell.

Today we seeded the law and planted some flowers. It was so much work to seed it but I am happy it is done and hopefully we will have a cute winter lawn.

a dress form!! After my sis couldn’t model for me I figured it was time to get a dress form. I would still like her to model some of the clothes but it will be way nice to have the dress form. That way when I buy super awesome dresses and other clothes I can put them up on my Etsy asap. 

I guess I just want to make a post on how I bought this awesome necklace on Etsy. I can’t wait to get it!

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