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I am taking my time to decide which wallpaper I want to use in the living room. It will be only one wall and I want it to be perfect. I am not sure if I want black and white wallpaper or colorful wallpaper. Do I want bright colors or washed out colors? What kind of pattern do I want? Agh so many things to think of. Below are a few I was looking at.


I am totally digging Bride and Wolf. Cute little wooden art ready to hang any where.

I am selling these on ebay. If you know anybody who likes vintage dresses send them here!

I just found this link on Kris Atomic’s blog to Julie Pott’s temporary tattoos!!! They are so cute!! I want all of them.

I really want some tea and cake today.

So I made this little owl towel yesterday. Now I want to buy everything I can and see what I can stitch. It is so fun. I want to do something more complex next time around, but I think this was pretty good for my first time.

It is pretty hard having a shop on a site where you want to buy most of their stuff. I just bought these tags last night. I am not sure what I am going to use them for but they are so cute!

Other things I want…

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