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 So I have signed up for classes…drumroll please….. interior design classes. I did a fast last minute change and decided to do the interior design program at Phoenix College. Now it sounds like I totally research all of it and listed out the pros and cons of graphic design verses interior design but I didn’t at all. It turns out though that Phoenix College has the most put together program I have EVER seen at a community college for interior design. I am really happy about all of but I am fearful of the payment stuff. I signed up with FASA like a million years ago but the Fin Aid office is like blah blah we don’t show any award letter for you yet… blah blah blah we have a new computer system so it can take longer for you to receive your award letter. I know I am going to get bunk from Fin Aid but I need my crappy award letter because I can’t apply for the Stafford Loan until I get that damn award letter!! So if anybody has any ideas on how or what I should do with this problem please let me know!!

Today I woke up and decided to make bread. I used this recipe and it turned out great! I got two huge loafs out of it. Then for dinner I wanted to make sushi. I had never done it before but I figured it would be easy enough since we do spring rolls all the time. Below are pics of everything. I think it was a 

I really want to start taking a bento box lunch everyday to work. 

Today I did some thrifting with Sabrina (couch carrot) and we looked around. Since I sold one of my dresses this week I decided I needed to start shopping for more vintage dresses again. Now I found a lot of dresses, but I need to get someone to model them. I am found lots of little things as well.





So I painted this picture below and really enjoyed it and then I add the rainbow. Now I am kinda sad about it.

I got a Mac Book. It is so sweet! We also got a student discount and a free printer and a free ipod touch screen!

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