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So since I am in the middle of my super major project of painting the kitchen, I seem to be day dreaming on what I want to do with the living room. We have an awesome fireplace that will probably be used once a year but I love it anyways. So I was looking Domino Mag’s website and they had a thing on fireplaces. Below are my picks of perfect fire places.

My FirePlace

Domino Mag Fireplaces

I found this link on Camilla Engman’s blog. I can’t understand any thing on the website but they have a list of pictures then what looks like a kid’s drawing how they see the picture next to it. They are great. I wonder how I would have seen these photos as a kid.

That is the end of TV shows. I am not going to try to pretend I am all cool and above TV because I am not. I love my few TV shows and I feel like I got short changed this season! But to be fair this season I have been an extremely busy girl with getting a new job and buying a house. So I guess the timing worked out a little but I can’t seem to get Pushing Daisies out of my head!!! I want to see that colorful world of pies and dead people. I enjoy all the little detail in all of sets and costumes and now the story is really starting to pick up.

Holy cow!! I watched this show as a kid but I seemed to missed the awesome music references and Iggy Pop being Nona’s Dad. Hell, no wonder people my age are so damn cool we had The Adventures of Pete and Pete. If you find your self with some time, watch them! All will make sense! Then I figured out Nona (younger Pete’s best friend) is fucking evil Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl and I totally called it just like when I saw Iggy on Pete and Pete, I was like… is that Iggy. I am so good at that stuff!!!

Today  I got a request from someone who wanted to use my photos for some news story about retro kids cook books. I guess flickr comes in handy, but I would rather get some request like that for my art. Oh well…. hopefully it is a sign of my funk disappearing. Here is a few photos of they requested.

Now that I have my horrible week or month behind me , I have been pumping out art and I am very happy with what I have done. The two below will be up at the bikini sometime this month.

Well here in AZ, it is basically the start of the hellish summer but that doesn’t stop me from looking at brightly decorated rooms. Lusting over these photos from domino mag.

I would love to at least paint one room pink like the room below….

I baked peanut butter cookies with jam on top, a strawberry rhubarb pie and a  strawberry  rhubarb tart. I also went to the best goodwill in all of phoenix and found a million amazing things, all at 50% off. I had my sister model some vintage dresses that I will start to sell on ebay. Then to top it off, I work on some art. I feel like this weekend was well used.

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