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Last weekend I attended a wedding of one of my best friends since 3rd grade. I took like a billion pictures which most are on my flickr but I will show the cream of the crop here.

Grey’s Anatomy is finally back on this week. Oh how I have miss my show. I have almost forgot what the twisted plot lines were but they are all coming back to me now. I wonder if ABC will try to bring back Pushing Dasies?

I really enjoy Matthew Feyld’s work. Here is a link to his flickr.

I just found out today that I don’t get any vacation for the first YEAR at work!!!! I want to cry, I don’t have any money to travel but I love sleeping in and I would like some time to work on the new house. I guess that isn’t going to happen.  I hate working, I want a job with loads of vacation time. Lucky one of my new co-worker’s wife is an EEG Tech. He is going to give me some paper work on it. Looks like I am going to wait two years to get into the program. Oh well, in the mean time I will work on art and not get to take any freaken vacations, unless I can make up for the money lost in selling art…… I wish!!!

“Just because a work of art finds no takers, does it mean it is worthless?”

I finally have the internet in my new house. It was one rough week. Right now on the internet, I am spending time researching some new music. My music collection has gone stale with nothing new for a month. So far I am enjoying beach house, blitzen trapper (no I wasn’t late on discovering them I just now have the time to get the CD) and many other that I am to lazy to list and link. Now I will leave you all with random pictures over many weeks.




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