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I am in the home stretch of buying my house, if all goes well I should get my keys tomorrow. This has been the most stressful thing I have ever done in my life. I am still not done being stress. I just want every thing to go smooth. Beyond that, I still need to get two bridal shower gifts, get a dress for a wedding, dye my hair back to blond for weddings and buy shoes for both weddings. I am very stressed about this. I am in one of the weddings and I feel like I have been an awful brides mate. Thankfully I wont have my first house payment until May, so I can pay for all of this wedding stuff. Next stress, going back to school. Oh and I would like to add that having a new job during all of this is very stressful as well.

To relax, I have been finding myself looking at this picture many times a day. It comes from krisatomic


I would love to visit there and relax.

So my friend got into town this morning, at 5am and stopped by to give me my birthday present, bday cupcakes!! They are from a place in LA called Yummy Cupcakes. I cannot wait to eat them.


We found out our house is worth more then what we are buying it for! I am so happy I could hardly sleep last night! Now I just want the days to fly by so we can finally move in! In the mean time, I am pouring over Living Etc. Some of the rooms below are my favs!




This one is an idea for a party, and what a fancy party it would be if it looked like that!

I am really loving the idea of having a dinner party with plates that are all mixed up. I think I am going to an extra shelving unit for all of my vintage and new kitchen finds. Charles is already upset when I buy more kitchen stuff. The kitchen is his room and he doesn’t enjoy all of my kitchen clutter. Of course I haven’t been able to buy anything lately but when I get some money to spend, I wouldn’t mind spending it at this shop, rare device.


I love the idea behind this tea light. I would have to have 10 of them and fill a room with a shadow forest!


The clean crisp look of these plates would be a great set to have to mix and match.


This a work of art. If I bought it, I could never use it for fear of breaking it!


I have only been with Sunflower Markets for a couple of days, but I love it. I already loved the company and now I love it more. People there are great and love what they do, and they have samples all the time for us. All in all I really enjoy my job, my coworkers and my boss. I was very nervous about having a new boss, but it seems I went from one good boss to another! I feel so lucky! So people in New Mexico, AZ, Colorado and Nevada, go and support your Sunflower store. You can’t beat the prices. I should know, I enter them all day long!


Once we move into the house and get settled in, I want to wallpaper the bathroom. I think I have to sand down the walls and then apply the wall paper. I am not sure how it works but all I know is I want to do it. Below is some of the wall paper I am looking at. They are done by cole and son.




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