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This is the livingroom below.


 They accepted our counter offer! On March 19, we sign closing papers and then we can move in! I cannot wait. Right now I am in the process of cleaning up my apartment and throwing away things. I need to down size what I own.

 Now all I can think about is how I want to design the house. It is yellow on the outside and through out the house. I think I want a blue kitchen. The counter tops are dark and blue would work well with them. I kinda want to do the plate thing below.


We have put an offer down on this house! It was too good of an offer to pass up, otherwise somebody else would steal it from us. We will find out today by 3 if they accept the offer. Feels like dating again!


So I got the job at Sunflower! I cannot wait to start! I already love shopping there and now I get to work there too! It is a little more money then what I make now, which is a plus. My next change is buying a house! Whoa! I cannot wait!!!!!!! I am going to put wall paper and have a garden and flowers, basically the works. I have some pics below of they type of houses I am looking at with my of the houses






I went to this random church yard sell yesterday and found this awesome vintage Betty Crocker’s Kids Cookbook. Below is pictures of it and all of its chapters. I love all the cute cooking stuff they use!





I have been on the computer a lot this week, pouring through lost kitty ads (I lost my cat). So while I am waiting for pictures to pull up from the pound I have been surfing through blogs (I need something to cheer me). Anyways I love the blog designsponge but I feel in love with their guest blogger. She has such great taste for prints and textiles. I LOVE what she finds, and you get all the links you need to find it.






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