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Vegas was fun, all I did was lose money and drink (those extra big drinks). Vegas is way to weird for me, I think a show would have been cool to see but we were pressed for time and one night was good enough for me!


 Last week we bought a Excalibur Food Dehydrator and when we went to plug it in, it shot sparks everywhere and scared the crap out of us. So we called and left a message and told them what happened.

So today I didn’t feel good and called off sick from work. Which worked out for me cause Excalibur called me and turns out I was on the line with the owner and he was AWESOME! We talked about raw, going raw, staying raw. It was great, and he is going to send us the backing of the machine free, no charge. So if you want a dehydrator (even if you are not going raw) go with Excalibur, cause they by far have the coolest owner ever and the Excalibur is the best dehydrator on the market.


So I am trying to make as many paintings as I can, so I can hopefully send a few good ones to Oregon. It has been kinda hard lately. I just finished one tonight and I was rather pleased with the results. It was more earthy and plain, very different from my other stuff. I think I may put it up at the Bikini for a bit.


So yesterday I came home to flowers for no reason! It was so sweet of my boyfriend give them to me! It was also confirmed to me that we are going to Vegas on Jan 26. I cannot wait, it is the first time I have ever gone. It will only be a night but I will be sure to take many pictures!flowers.jpgflowers2.jpglas-vegas.jpg

I found this link on somebody else’s blog for this cute little shop called Reform School. Check it out!


 I am totally in love with MGMT, I can’t stop listening to it! I have been waiting for a CD like this for awhile now!! Who ever reads this must go to their myspace and check them out. My personal fav is The Youth but I don’t think they have that up on their Myspace, so listen to Time to Pretend or Of Moons, Birds & Monsters. I always love new music!


I am fully engulfed in Masterpiece formally know as Masterpiece Theatre, Right now they are showing the complete collection of Jane Austen. It is the best Sunday treat ever, I no longer dread my Sundays! Tonight they showed Persuasion, and I would have to say I was rather disappointed with it. It was far to choppy for anybody to fully understand, but all around I still enjoy Masterpiece and what they show.


This photo alone is making it painful to wait for me to get my dehydrated.


I just finished the channel 8 version of Jane Eyre and it have very much prompted me to read the book. Thankfully I have some very understanding aunts and uncles, because they have given me this book years ago and now I am taking the time to read it.


I spent my Saturday night making Cookies ‘n Cream cupcakes, and it was super fun. Here are a few pictures of how they turned out.



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