Since I have a boyfriend that is a raw chef, I have been wanting to go raw for a long time now. It is a great way to detox your body, clear your skin, give you more energy and above all lose weight. I go through a time every year where I feel the need to detox. For the past two years I have done the juicing method of detoxing. It was always interesting way to detox. You always got to see how the world was, basically all about food. I guess when you go 5 days without it (nothing but juice and soups) you really notice how much food is pushed at you on a daily basis, which is truly unhealthy in our american culture. Anyways I am having fun looking over everything and I can’t wait to plan out my meals. It is a ton of prep work when you go raw. I will be spending my weekends planning out my weekly meals. Oh and here is a link to a raw blog…We Like it Raw