Lately I have been going home and just falling asleep. I never thought you could worry yourself to death but now I think it is quite possible. I found out that if(when) my work lets me go that I will get no severance pay. So now I am on a job hunt and I haven’t had a new job for 5 years! Eek, I am scared to go to a new place with new people. My major concern is pay, since I have time on my side, I want to make sure I get a good paying job and Arizona is a good place to get such a thing.

With all of that being said my art has been thrown by the side and the week before last I sold some paintings. You would think I would have 10 lined up and ready to go but sadly enough I have been busy worrying myself to death. On a different note, I thought I would share an artist that makes robots out of everyday objects. I love this work.