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Since I have a boyfriend that is a raw chef, I have been wanting to go raw for a long time now. It is a great way to detox your body, clear your skin, give you more energy and above all lose weight. I go through a time every year where I feel the need to detox. For the past two years I have done the juicing method of detoxing. It was always interesting way to detox. You always got to see how the world was, basically all about food. I guess when you go 5 days without it (nothing but juice and soups) you really notice how much food is pushed at you on a daily basis, which is truly unhealthy in our american culture. Anyways I am having fun looking over everything and I can’t wait to plan out my meals. It is a ton of prep work when you go raw. I will be spending my weekends planning out my weekly meals. Oh and here is a link to a raw blog…We Like it Raw

I finally got my red 2008 weekly Moleskine planner!!! moleskine2008.jpgmole-skine-2008.jpg

Lately I have been going home and just falling asleep. I never thought you could worry yourself to death but now I think it is quite possible. I found out that if(when) my work lets me go that I will get no severance pay. So now I am on a job hunt and I haven’t had a new job for 5 years! Eek, I am scared to go to a new place with new people. My major concern is pay, since I have time on my side, I want to make sure I get a good paying job and Arizona is a good place to get such a thing.

With all of that being said my art has been thrown by the side and the week before last I sold some paintings. You would think I would have 10 lined up and ready to go but sadly enough I have been busy worrying myself to death. On a different note, I thought I would share an artist that makes robots out of everyday objects. I love this work.



Lately I have been feeling the need to move out of my crummy apartment and into a house. I need more space for me and my animals. I discovered this awesome site on somebody’s blog, livingetc. This site alone make me want to buy a house. Also love these photos by Janne Peters, link to her website


That is what I did this weekend and it was nice. I hardly spent any money and I got to spend time with super cute dogs! This was Roxy and below her is Mobyroxy.jpg


I just placed my order for my Moleskine weekly planner and it is red! I can’t wait to get it. I am going to get a sketch book next and of course it will be red and neither of them will ever fall apart! Worth every penny!

bunny music, originally uploaded by notascenester/ Leslie Krebaum.

I can’t this picture didn’t even last a night and was sold! Yay me, now I am a 100 bucks richer and it is going into the savings account. I need money for SXSW. Hopefully I can sell a few more!!

It has been found, well sort of. It was sold!!!!!! Hooray, somebody loves my stuff enough to buy it! It is such a unique feeling, to know somebody owns one of my paintings!

first date, originally uploaded by notascenester.

So I went to the Bikini tonight to pick up my 3 paintings,. but to see one is gone. It is the one you see with this blog in fact, but with any good new always comes the bad. The bartender knew nothing about it, so I told her what it looked like and she came back with a few pieces and none were mine. We think my money was given to the artist who has his stuff everywhere. I hope they call me telling me my art was sold and the artist who took my money is ready to pay me back in full.

All in all, I hope I just sold something, that is a first for me.

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